Unlimited internet service without commitment to foreign citizens

If you've recently moved to Izmir and want broadband, you'll find everything you need to know to get it here - what the major providers offer, how much you can expect to pay, fine print ...


Obtaining decent broadband can be a headache in any country. Izmir is no exception, so we want to make life as an expat easier by giving you all the information you need to get broadband as a foreigner living in Turkey.


Read on to find out who the largest broadband providers in Izmir are, which customer service is offered in English and which offer the best deals.


How reliable is broadband in Izmir?

It depends on where you live and what kind of broadband you have. If you have broadband as standard, it is unlikely that the advertised speed will be 'up to'. For example, if you get a standard ADSL package that is advertised up to 50 MB, you probably get about 10 MB, which is the average download speed in Izmir. This is because the further you live from the local telephone exchange, the less speed you get, so in general you get better speeds in cities than in small towns and villages. However, broadband via fiber is quickly available everywhere in Izmir.


What do I need to get broadband in Turkey as a foreigner?

Your passport may be sufficient to sign up for a broadband package in Turkey.

If you think that you are being asked too much because you are a foreigner, cancel your order and try another provider.


ArasNet is a popular ADSL and fiber optic provider nationwide.


How does the telephone line installation work in Izmir?

After you have registered for a broadband package, you will receive your router within a week. If your home does not have an active telephone line, an ArasNet technician will be sent within a week or two to install a telephone connection. Once that is done, all you have to do is connect your router.


If you work at ArasNet, a technician takes care of the router and sets it up for you, and if you already have an active telephone line from another provider, you don't need a technician to visit at all.


How do I switch to broadband in Turkey?

Switching to broadband in Turkey is fairly easy. First make sure that your current contract has expired - you no longer have a 'permanencia'. If you switch earlier, you must pay a fee for canceling your contract early, so be careful.


Then choose the package you want to switch to and sign up. Your new provider ArasNet then ensures that your current package is canceled and you switch to your new package. You can keep your telephone number.


You will receive a new router by courier and will be informed when you need to connect. This usually happens within about a week after the connection is ready. You only need a short time without broadband and telephone at night when the switch is physically made at the telephone exchange.


If that has happened, it is worth calling your old provider to make sure everything is sorted, in case you need to return your old router or something.


The switching process lasts a maximum of two weeks in total. Your old provider can contact you during that time to offer you a better deal, but don't be tempted - you have to pay a high fee to conclude the contract that you have just signed with your new provider.


While we do not expect these tips to make getting broadband easier in Turkey than in your own country, we hope they will make it a little easier to get settled. Good luck and welcome to Izmir, Turkey!